Are you a CFP® who needs a digital marketing OS?

We create a data driven Marketing Operating System for each client.  

As a DigitalMarketer Certified Partner, we use predictable and proven systems to calibrate and monitor the health of your digital presence.  We ensure that you have a clear path for your from your ideal client to your front door. 

Our Growth Triad process uses tools, analytic data, and a documentation process that naturally highlights and prioritizes the best answers for you and your team. 

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DigitalMarketer Certified Partner
ActiveCampaign Partner

Our process

01. Get Your Marketing Assessment

Start with our free resources, or don't wait and meet with a member of the 4FP team to get your Digital Alignment Check

Over 90 minutes you will receive a comprehensive assessment of your digital presence and current marketing process.

02. Build your Marketing OS

Clients typically start with us in two ways.  

The Digital Tune Up is our three month accelerator.  

During the three months dedicated to your Digital TuneUp, we will Build, Grow, and Optimize a self-correcting marketing Operating System.

The Digital TuneIn is the first half day of our three month accelerator.

03. Monitoring and Care

After you have implemented your Growth Triad and Marketing OS , we are still your support team. 

We support our clients by helping them stay on track with their plan.  

Using data we help our clients decide what is working, and what isn't.  We have tools and processes that help clients weigh their priorities to decide on the next steps to build their business. 

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Today’s Digital Marketing is far more complex than even a few years ago. Jake has a unique understanding of an integrated digital marketing strategy.

The 4FP process combines taking control of your online reputation including website presence, social media strategy, and integrating a next-gen CRM Active Campaign to bring lead generation in-house, being compliant for regulators, and identifying where to focus your marketing dollars in your Digital Marketing decisions.

Rebecca Kennedy, CFP® CFP®

Jake has great communication skills and a good balance of technical expertise and business acumen. He knows how to explain complex topics to the layperson and is proactive in diagnosing and assessing problems. I also appreciate how approachable and easy to work with he is.

Sheri Conklin CFP®

Sheri Conklin CFP®

I was going around in circles and not knowing what direction to go into, what to start with, and what to work on. You have broken the process down and you are leading me through what needs to be done in all of the steps in the process. I don't know why I've struggled so much because you're making this seem very simple and easy. And I'm absolutely enjoying the process, I love working with you, and I love the ideas that we've come up with. So, I am extremely happy and can't wait to see what we end up with on the final product.

Elizabeth Jetton, CFP® Coach, Planner & Thought Leader

Jake created the space and direction I needed to elevate my brand and business development. He listened, brought enthusiasm, ideas, and maybe most important, asked the right questions. He is always dedicated to making sure his vision and efforts on my behalf are aligned with my own vision and purpose.

Danielle Howard, CFP®, CKA® Financial Planner, speaker and educator

In ‘Good to Great’, Jim Collins touts the benefits of “Getting the right people on the bus in the right seats”. With a shared vision and mission, I have been fortunate to get Jake on my bus and in the right seat of “digital marketing maestro” (his given title by me) in our organizations. The digital world is vast and I deeply appreciate Jake’s guidance as we course through this new, amazing, and opportunistic terrain.

Charlotte Mabry Ed.D, CeFT

Thanks for keeping me on track

I want you to know that I appreciate this help. I was always that dreamer kid who spent lots of time alone by choice. Talking analytically about myself is difficult. It’s not about feelings or intuition and I grew up in the land of judgement.

Painting and sculpture were my refuges in a wonderful but difficult childhood. I can assure you that I never dreamed of being a princess so there are a couple of things that have a great impact on me; “ To whom much is given, much is expected” and “Never confuse good fortune with worthiness." "Know thyself" is also a big favorite. You have to lead me back because thinking about this raises my anxiety.

I am a true Empath. I feel the pain of others acutely and I hate to see people hurting. I have had clients talk with me supposedly about their portfolio and found that all they are looking for in that connection. I think people like to make and spend money, but they can lose their soul doing it. Most women my age were not brought up to make money. One could be a teacher, a nurse or a mother. I enjoy being a sounding board for people and their finances!

George Guttman CFP®

You have such valuable knowledge that is industry-specific... Your knowledge base is tremendous.


Jake's intimate knowledge of the Financial Planning profession makes it easy to be on the same page regarding my firm's vision and purpose. The Digital Marketing 4FP approach mirrors the planning process in that our conversations are always oriented around discovery and resourcefulness to come to solutions. His dedication to anchoring engagement strategy to who my ideal client is and how to best serve them is a good counterbalance to any business owner who has a tendency to get lost in the weeds of business operations and serving clients.

Jake minimizes the pain-points of prospect/client engagement the same way we limit hurdles for our client's to have a healthy relationship with their money.

David C. Bowman, CFP® Certified Financial Planner

Digital Marketing for Financial Planners are the digital-presence gurus. They deeply understand the paths potential clients take on their journey toward connecting with you directly. More importantly, they're fluent in the ways you can put your best message forward with those potential clients every step of the way. For advisors who understand the importance of owning their digital footprint and know they can’t manage it alone, this is the go-to team.

What are you Waiting for?

With a variety of ways for us to support your RIA's growth, from free resources and trainings to us being your Fractional CMO, the 4FP Agency can support the growth of your financial planning firm.

Get started today! 

We provide Fractional Chief Marketing Officer services to Financial Planners, RIAs, Wealth Mangers, Certified Financial Planner™ Professionals with our proven system using tools, documentation and measuring your marketing process to create a Growth Triad that is effectively a self correcting marketing Operating System.