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E22 | Off Time Management (part 2)
Being your best You want to give your best to your clients. I encourage you to consider your off time[...]
E21 | Moving Beyond AUM and Finding HENRYs
Millenials, why and how? Sophia Bera from Gen Y Financial joins me for this week's episode of the show.  Sophia[...]
E20 | Business coaching helps your firm grow better
Why consider a business coach? Starting a business is hard work. Having a business coach will help. The right team,[...]
E19 | Sculpt your Digital Presence and Online Reputation Management
Sameer Somal thinks globally and acts locally. He is a partner at Blue Ocean Global Wealth. Sameer works both in the financial[...]
E18 | Rianka started her RIA to do more
Want to start your own firm? In this episode Rianka shares how she started moved from being an employee at[...]
Renewed from FPA NexGen
A few weeks ago, the profession's brightest and boldest young planners gathered in Naperville, Illinois to learn what it was[...]

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