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The Digital Marketing 4FP podcast focuses on marketing for financial advisors. We serve Certified Financial Planner™ Professionals, fee-only and Registered Investment Advisors. We interview members of the CFP® Pro community to share the best digital marketing techniques.

Why 4FP?

"4FP" is because our agency is focused solely on Certified Financial Planner™ . Marketing for a CFP® practitioner is tough. Besides your compliance concerns, it changes constantly.  Consequently marketing for financial planners is very different than most digital marketing niches.

Our podcast and z services cater to the needs of independent RIAs. Our techniques and resources improve your skills to help you find more ideal clients.

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E26 | Sharing your firm story through video
Why use video in your marketing strategy? Many people think it's cost prohibitive.  It doesn't have to be. It is[...]
EP25 | The Brilliance of Whiteboarding Videos
Why are those animation videos so engaging? You know the ones with the expansive whiteboard and markers with a narrative[...]
Richard B.(Dick) Wagner Memorial Scholarship Fund
This is a special announcement that I've been waiting to share with you for months. I am proud to share[...]
E24 | Finding Clients and Watching Video Games
What if you could turn your passion into your best source for leads? What if you were finding clients in[...]
E23 | What it means to be a credible authority
Marie Swift and Impact Communications Marie has been the secret sauce behind a number of the great names in the[...]
Economists Rebuke Proposed Tax Plan
Death and taxes, right? And we only one have any ability to negotiate with the latter. Economists and The Proposed[...]
E22 | Off Time Management (part 2)
Being your best You want to give your best to your clients. I encourage you to consider your off time[...]
E21 | Moving Beyond AUM and Finding HENRYs
Millenials, why and how? Sophia Bera from Gen Y Financial joins me for this week's episode of the show.  Sophia[...]
E20 | Business coaching helps your firm grow better
Why consider a business coach? Starting a business is hard work. Having a business coach will help. The right team,[...]
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