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E15 | A prospect will qualify themselves, if you ask

Would it be nice if a prospect let you know if they can afford you before you spent a lot of time with them? How Stan Prospects That’s exactly what Stan Mann teaches audience members in this episode of the show.  Stan joins me to share 10 sales appointment setting techniques and strategies to start […]

E13 | It’s all about the niche on LinkedIn

Claire Akin runs the Indigo Marketing Agency and works with independent financial advisors.  She joins the show to share her digital marketing and LinkedIn expertise with the audience. It’s in the family Claire was also born and raised in the industry and brings that knowledge and her skills in marketing to each of her clients.  Claire […]

E09 | Kate Holmes takes her practice around the world

Kate Holmes of Belmore Financial loves to travel. She’s traveled to every corner of the globe, and takes her practice with her. This episode shares how Kate manages her practice while she travels around the world with a world wide network of clients.  She is also able to utilize her worldwide network of connections to […]

E08 | Using Technology to be a better CFP®

Amy Hubble of Radix Financial uses technology to improve her client relationships.  She uses a system called Trizic.  It helps her gain insight into her client’s finances, prompts her when to investigate rebalancing their portfolio and has a slick interface for her clients. I like it.  Trizic not only helps her learn more about her clients, it […]

E02 | John Buerger finds clients on Twitter (part 1)

John Buerger is the principal of ALTUS Wealth, a fee-only firm based out of San Louis Obispo, California. John shares his experience in social media. He has over 10k twitter followers and has developed his own diagnostic tool, the Wealth Health Index. John shares how he uses his uses his Wealth Health Index tools to […]

In Search..

We use search engines for practically everything.  It isn’t just google anymore.  Our email, our computer, phones, calendars…. If it can be indexed, there’s a search option. The thing is, there are better and worse ways to search.  There are variables that help you get the result you want at the top.  There is art, […]