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E08 | Using Technology to be a better CFP®

Amy Hubble of Radix Financial uses technology to improve her client relationships.  She uses a system called Trizic.  It helps her gain insight into her client’s finances, prompts her when to investigate rebalancing their portfolio and has a slick interface for her clients. I like it.  Trizic not only helps her learn more about her clients, it […]

In Search..

We use search engines for practically everything.  It isn’t just google anymore.  Our email, our computer, phones, calendars…. If it can be indexed, there’s a search option. The thing is, there are better and worse ways to search.  There are variables that help you get the result you want at the top.  There is art, […]

Welcome to Digital Marketing 4FP

Welcome!Digital Marketing 4FP, LLC is a technology firm designed to support financial professionals and Certified Financial Planners™. We offer a number of tools such as, CloudFinder and offer digital marketing advice to Certified financial Planners and Registered Investment Advisors. We offer tools that enable financial professionals to leverage their practice management with the internet.  Our purpose […]