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Making Video Content Easy with Dennis Yu

last month

 Digital Marketing 4 Financial Planners · S2 E10 | Repurposing Content In this episode of ‘The 4FP Podcast,’ Dennis Yu, Chief Technology Officer at Blitz Metrics talks about what it takes to create good video content, the importance of showing gratitude to build connections and relationships, his dollar bill idea and word of mouth […]

E26 | Sharing your firm story through video

Why use video in your marketing strategy? Many people think it’s cost prohibitive.  It doesn’t have to be. It is important to think about the time and money it will save.  There are huge benefits to having one or more videos as collateral.  A good video adds consistency to your brand. “Video offers financial advisors a great […]

EP25 | The Brilliance of Whiteboarding Videos

Why are those animation videos so engaging? You know the ones with the expansive whiteboard and markers with a narrative that seems to be both spontaneous and well narrated.  I love how they seem to make incredible points and keep you wondering what is next. Jill Addison of FA Client Machine joins the podcast to […]