We won't get a lot through our Facebook page. Should we pay for advertising?

There are 2 types of traffic, paid and organic. Organic traffic is people finding you on their own (They see your post, they search for something that brings up your page, etc.). Paid traffic is like a water faucet. You turn it on to get your content seen by as many people as you want, then you turn it off when you don't want/need the extra attention to promote that content anymore. So, it really is up to you if you pay for advertising. We just suggest it because you'll have more control of your data.

How do we nurture the client once we get the emails?

Once you get a prospects email you want to make sure you give them the value you promised for it. Send them a set of emails that introduce you, your team, your company, what you do, and how it can help them. Let them know what you want them to do (i.e. respond to emails, follow your social to get updates, listen to your podcast, etc). They'll likely never do it until you ask.

What do we focus on and how do we work together?

We'll find out what to focus on in our Digital Tune-up program. We ask that you trust the process and be focust, honest, humble, and present so that we can learn how to give you the best digital presence for YOU.

What should our priorities be? how can we get the most out of that?

The wonderful thing about this process (Tune-up) is that we determine what your priorities should be for the next 90 days (we'll do this ~every 90 days) WITH you. All you have to do is trust the process and be honest. We even have a place to put the sidenote ideas that we'll come back to and process at the end.

Is it kind of on a package deal or do you say we do it all at the same time? (tune up)

The process takes 24 hours. That's 3 8 hour days in person or 6 4 hour zoom meetings. After you complete the Tune-up we'll meet once a quarter to refresh some of the tools we created in the Tune-up. We might also decide to throw in some new tools based on where your firm is at when we meet after the Tune-up.

What is our low hanging fruit?

It's really whatever is easiest for you. Don't start with the hard stuff. Start with the stuff you know how to do. Maybe starting a regular newsletter makes sense to you. Maybe doing a live video on social media once a week/month is easy enough. Maybe you use one of the audio social networks and you start there before doing a whole podcast. We recommend not starting with a podcast unless you're really ready for all the work that's involved. We can help with some of this work if you feel like audio is better for you and your ideal clients/ audience.