Our Fiduciary Promise to You

Born and raised in the financial, we think being a fiduciary is just the right thing to do, even though we are a marketing agency. 

We Promise to be a Fiduciary.

The founder of Digital Marketing 4FP, Jake Wagner, was born and raised in the financial planning profession and holds the same values and approach as many fee-only CFP® Professionals.  

We are fiduciaries because we know that serving clients first is a moral imperative.  Being a fiduciary leads to a better company through better business practices.  This is especially important because we want to work with fiduciaries.

We don't want you to be concerned with poor or overpriced tools that don't provide effective solutions or have features that are unnecessary or, worse, un-compliant for a fee-only Certified Financial Planning™ Professional.  The fintech (financial technology tools) and martech (marketing technology tools) landscape get more complex every day.  Our goal is to help our listeners and clients by sharing best-in-class tools, techniques and strategies that have the appropriate features for CFP® Professionals. 

We are fiduciaries because we want to work with fiduciaries. 

We are your team mates.  Your outsourced digital marketing managers.  

We've been working with online compliance since 2008 and understand the wide array of compliance environments.  Whether your RIA is Registered with the SEC or the State, we work to provide you with tools that will having your regulator smile at the effective tools that provide them the information and records they need while streamlining your operations and improving your bottom line.