Step 1. Get Your Free Digital Alignment Check

Get a FREE Assessment of your Digital Presence.  While you learn how we can put you on the path to double your business in 90 days.

Our process enables you to bring the 4FP team into your RIA as a Fractional CMO team.  We will help you lower your client acquisition costs and connect you with resources to help you implement your plan. 

Step 2. Schedule Your Digital Tuneup

Over the course of three months, we will create a custom marketing system tailored to your Registered Investment Advisory firm.  

Using our Growth Triad technique, we will use proven tools to identify bottlenecks and opportunities to build your customer journey and optimize the overall health of your marketing process.  We use our proven tools from our Certified Partner, DigitalMarketer, to create a self-correcting marketing operating system. 

Using this self correcting system, our clients create a process that attracts their ideal client and the clients they can provide the most value.

DigitalMarketer Certified Partner

Build Phase

Build Your Customer Value Journey, Growth Scorecard, and identify growth opportunities.

These tools help us identify what needs to be built.

Optimize Phase

We optimize the the journey prospects take so they have a streamlined path to your door.

We establish your predictable system to regularly bring you prospects who are a fit for your firm.

Accelerate Phase

Now that that your system is ready, it's time to press the gas.

Accelerate with awareness and referral strategies. This is where we apply your new system and get more traffic and clients.

Step 3. Monitoring and Care

We strive to continuously support our clients after have built their marketing operating system.

Clients who choose to stay on with us for monitoring and care will have our team reviewing and maintaining the health of their marketing process.  We are available to answer any questions over email and meet monthly to coordinate on projects and have Fractional CMO meetings on a quarterly basis. 

Monitoring and care clients can trust that that their marketing funnels and client acquisition process has been diligently reviewed by our expert team to ensure that all the technical setup details and user experience are optimized.  


As your plan is demonstrating results, it’s time to review. We will regularly review your ads, website, and social media presence.

We’ll guide you through the numbers (monthly or quarterly) and translate that data into clear steps to improve your bottom line.


After we’ve reviewed the data we focus on ideas for improving. We’ll take the data we’ve collected and brainstorm with you about ways to improve your

We’ll review the results of your plan and suggest what else needs to be done.


Digital Marketing is a process of constant improvement. What is working evolves. Strategies need to be tweaked to maintain performance.

We will suggest and implement changes to your strategies and systems to maintain peak performance.


We crawl your website on a monthly basis using best in class SEO tools. This inform us about any issues with your website’s health, search rankings, backlinks, competitors, and social media influence.

Now it’s time to take the best ideas we came up with and implement them.


We want to know, from a quantified perspective, what is working and what isn't.

We utilize a variety of testing strategies and A/B testing techniques. We boil it down to the stages of your customer journey to identify what is working best for you and what needs to be changed.


We train you on the new processes we’ve determined work best for you and help you implement them in your practice. You will be confident in your business marketing needs; and if you just want us to take care of it, we can do that too.

We’ll be here to answer questions you might have on the hard to read graphs. We give you in-depth reports over the entirety of your digital presence.

Ways we help our our clients implement 

Based on the plan that we've created, we will work with our extended team of experts to create the resources and assets you need to attract your ideal clients.

Website Creation or Makeover

Pick a couple of websites you like and our team will create a new website based on your company style and branding.

4FP has excellent design and development teams to help you create landing pages, full funnels or redesign your website.

Lead Magnet Creation and Configuration

A lead magnet is something great that you can offer free or for a low cost.

Whether it's a white paper, guide, quiz or eCourse, our experts will create and optimize your lead magnet(s) to match your offer with your prospect’s needs and desires.

Content Marketing

Content is one of the other cornerstones of a comprehensive digital marketing plan.

This can be blogging, podcasting, webinars, or in-print articles. We will identify and implement a strategy that will be sustainable for you and your team that will also attract your ideal clients.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a lot more than your newsletter. It has one of the highest potentials for ROI. We use automations and content calendars to deliver a great impression to your prospects.

This portion of the marketing process occurs in the middle and bottom of the funnel. It is one of the most crucial parts in the process of earning a prospect’s trust.


The first step in having a great search presence is to show up where your prospect is searching. We optimize your site both for your prospect's experience and the search engines.

Best practices and strategies to optimize SEO are ever changing. Our team will set you up so Google and the search engines continuously find and promote your RIA's website.

Paid Traffic

We support financial planners with paid traffic campaigns on Facebook, Google and Youtube. We set up our clients with multi-staged ad campaigns that bring prospects back to your site.

Our team brings the best tools and newest strategies to the table to maximize your ROI.