Our Services and Approach

We are "full stack" marketers.  Meaning that we are trained in the entirety of your digital presence. When you get a plan from 4FP it will address the full range of your digital presence.  

We have certain areas that our team specializes in developing for our clients, and we also have a suite of preferred vendors for anything beyond the scope of our services.

Ideal Client Persona Marketing

Our approach to digital marketing is an extension of the classic Persona/Avatar approach to digital marketing.  The advantages of this technique are only compounded when applied to digital marketing.  

Whether you are considering what to talk about for your next blog post, posting something on Facebook, finding new people to target with ads or considering the value that you provide prospects on their journey to become clients, you will be able to do an infinitely better job by having ideal client personas whom you can reflect on and decide how they feel when making decisions. 

By creating Avatars/Personas you know who you're attracting, where to find them, and the right times to approach them so they get to know you and earn their trust. This builds confidence in them about how you can help.

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Customer Journey Modeling and Strategy

map of your digital presence and online reputation

If you want to attract your ideal client, you need to create their ideal experience for them to learn to know, like and trust you to come on board and become a paying client.  Every client in your portfolio at one point didn't know you and wasn't familiar with your work.  

This enables us to plan and optimize how a prospect moves from never having heard of you to evaluating your firm, coming on board and even how to encourage them to be a great source for referrals.

By creating a strategy that plans the journey of your ideal client we end up creating an experience that attracts that kind of person more than another.  This helps you vet bad fit clients without having to spend time and resources on them.

Website Creation and Funnel Strategy

4FP has an excellent team to help you create landing pages, full funnels or redesign your website.

Our team can help you transition your website from a brochure that your prospects and clients don't understand into an intuitive tool that informs not just them, but your team as well. 

Modern digital marketing affords you a suite of insight tools that help you understand your web visitors.    

Email and Drip Content Automation Marketing

This portion of the marketing process is what occurs in the “middle of the funnel” as prospects get to know, like and trust you.  Your email inbox is a very private location and it is a privilege, not a right, to be allowed into your prospects inbox.  When you do it right they are excited to see what they get to learn from you next.

Forethought and wisdom are required to keep that prospect's attention and have them excited to see what you have to share when you send out a newsletter, rather than unsubscribing.  

Social Media & Content Marketing Strategy

This can be blogging, podcasting, webinars and in-print articles.  It is important to know what will work and be sustainable for you and your team and also attract your ideal client.

Marketing Insight Tools

There are a lot of them.  Many are useful, but a ton aren't.  It is easy to spend too much money without improving your firm's bottom line.  Even if you use an informative tool you need to have a plan and system for reviewing, iterating and improving your customer journey by using these insightful marketing and technology platforms.  

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Salesforce Consulting

Everpeak Partners - Oliver Sholder

We are partnered with Everpeak Partners, a Salesforce registered consulting firm. They help companies implement or optimize Salesforce.  They help organizations revamp sales processes, improve reporting and fix messy data.  

By using a holistic view of Salesforce to find the low hanging fruit, they dramatically add value to your investment in Salesforce.