Peter Evans | Digital Marketing 4FP (for Financial Planners)

Peter Evans

Peter grew up in Seattle admist the smells of amazing coffee, fresh fish and local markets. He is presently a Student at Wayfinding Academy. Peter is critical to the 4FP team and helps keep an eye on not just our clients, but our client’s clients.

As Jake’s right hand man he has been instrumental to the growth of both the 4FP agency and their clients. His creative passion translates to content editing, web design, music composition, and graphic design. The part of 4FP that he enjoys the most is the shared appreciation for professionalism and quality.

Peter’s bright mind and sharp acuity is brought to our clients through creating landing pages, setting up email campaigns, creative content creation and feedback to Jake about what attracts him most to our client’s online presence.

If you are a 4FP client you will feel the impact of Peter’s work as your digital presence infrastructure is installed and as we implement workflows to automate (the right amount) of your digital marketing strategy.