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Best Practices for Building Exceptional Financial Planning Teams

When building a successful team as a financial planner many of us often want to hire people that remind us of ourselves. It feels easier, more comfortable, and more secure. But this tends to be a mistake.SUGGESTED STEPS:1. Define the common core characteristics that are critical for each team member and yourself such as Loyalty, […]

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Communicate more clearly with your clients

 Digital Marketing 4 Financial Planners · S2 EP07 | Communicate more clearly with your clientsPodcast CommentaryIn today’s episode, Julie Johnson and Jake talk about how to create a higher quality of communication with your clients as well as your family and friends. She believes generations have very different expectations/drivers. You must know what they are to […]

What is a Money Quotient?

 Digital Marketing 4 Financial Planners · S2 EP 06 | Amy Mullen talks about Money Quotient What is a Money Quotient? Money Quotient focuses on both the subjective and objective factors that either enhance or hinder financial satisfaction and quality of life.  According to Money Quotient’s underlying philosophy, an individual’s “real” financial well-being (MQ) […]

The SafeHaven™ Data Centers

The Data Centers that protect ComConnect File Sync and CloudFinder users data

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