Renewed from FPA NexGen

7 days ago

A few weeks ago, the profession’s brightest and boldest young planners gathered in Naperville, Illinois to learn what it was like To Think… Like a CFP® as a community.  It was humbling and inspiring.  This was my 5th gathering and I’ll be sad if it’s my last. I was able to see my sister, Natalie Wagner, […]

Know your Ideal Client's Persona

Find clients by knowing their interests

E17 | 5 steps to a great writing process

4 weeks ago

Scott Wentworth knows how to write.  He’s made a career out of it and uses those skills to help planners. Growing from a necessity to a passion, now Scott is the CEO and Founder of Wentworth Financial Communications.  His firm is dedicated to compliant writing for financial service firms. You can use his strategy whether […]

Is your data secure?


Dropbox and Google Drive have vulnerabilities you may not know

E16 | Podcasting for Financial Planners

last month

Hannah Moore, of Guiding Wealth, joins me for this show to talk about her podcast, You’re a Financial Planner, now what?  Hannah’s podcast is based on a project that started in Dallas, Texas that she’s taken on and taken to the next level by bringing it to the podcasting world.  What started as a local gathering […]

I’m going to miss you dad

a couple of months ago

This post has taken a while to write.  It’s weird.  Thinking that I’m not going to talk to him anymore. Many readers are aware, but I’m sure not all, that my father, Richard B Wagner JD CFP® (his friends called him Dick.  I called him Dad or Pops)  passed away at the end of March.  […]

9 ELEMENTS you need to review

Your online reputation is often your first impression

E15 | A prospect will qualify themselves, if you ask

a few months ago

Would it be nice if a prospect let you know if they can afford you before you spent a lot of time with them? That’s exactly what Stan Mann teaches audience members in this episode of the show.  Stan joins me to share 10 sales appointment setting techniques and strategies to start off on the […]

E14 | How to be a Smart Financial Planner

a few months ago

This episode of Digital Marketing for Financial Planners comes to you from the other side of the world, or at least my guest does.  Ronald Sier, CFP® is a Dutch CFP® Professional who wants to help you be a smart financial planner. I’ve really enjoyed everything he shares on his blog See Beyond Numbers for a few […]

The SafeHaven™ Data Centers

The Data Centers that protect ComConnect File Sync and CloudFinder users data

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