What is a Money Quotient?

 Digital Marketing 4 Financial Planners · S2 EP 06 | Amy Mullen talks about Money Quotient What is a Money Quotient? Money Quotient focuses on both the subjective and objective factors that either enhance or hinder financial satisfaction and quality of life.  According to Money Quotient’s underlying philosophy, an individual’s “real” financial well-being (MQ) […]

Attract Your Ideal Clients With Ease

Know their interests wants and desires

Do you need a paraplanner?

Digital Marketing 4 Financial Planners · A Community of Paraplanners Share 0 Tweet 0 Share 0 Simply Paraplanner makes the hiring process easy Are you working alone right now? Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the work? Can you afford a paraplanner but don’t know where to look? Look no further than Simply Paraplanner! Their business […]

Is your data secure?

Business grade sync and backup is better.

Appreciative Coaching with Jody Jacobson

a few months ago

 Digital Marketing 4 Financial Planners · S2EP4_Appreciative Coaching with Jody Jacobson In this episode, Jody and I talk about finding your ideal clients and then how to talk to them in a way that encourages them to tell you where they’re at and what they need. You want to set your client up to […]

What is the right place for each message?

Download the Digital Presence Map to see the big picture

Marketing Ideas for Remote Financial Planners

a few months ago

Bridge, connect, deliver This isn’t the best time to emphasize sales.  Right now people are in the middle of “no decision zone” and have more time. As a result, we recommend that you provide great content and build your audience.  If someone has a financial issue or concern, we want you to be the first person they […]

The SafeHaven™ Data Centers

The Data Centers that protect ComConnect File Sync and CloudFinder users data

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