E14 | How to be a Smart Financial Planner

6 months ago

This episode of Digital Marketing for Financial Planners comes to you from the other side of the world, or at least my guest does.  Ronald Sier, CFP® is a Dutch CFP® Professional who wants to help you be a smart financial planner. I’ve really enjoyed everything he shares on his blog See Beyond Numbers for a few […]

Know your Ideal Client's Persona

Find clients by knowing their interests

Creating a Client Avatar to Attract Your Ideal Prospects

6 months ago

Originally posted on Claire Akin’s Blog with the Indigo Marketing Agency – Creating a Client Avatar to Attract Your Ideal Prospects This week, I am up in the mountains east of San Diego creating my new online course, The Marketing Guide for Financial Advisors, so I’m excited to feature a guest post from Jake Wagner, host of the […]

Is your data secure?


Dropbox and Google Drive have vulnerabilities you may not know

E13 | It’s all about the niche on LinkedIn

7 months ago

Claire Akin runs the Indigo Marketing Agency and works with independent financial advisors.  She joins the show to share her digital marketing and LinkedIn expertise with the audience. Claire was also born and raised in the industry and brings that knowledge and her skills in marketing to each of her clients.  She used to be an […]

E12 | How to Hire Interns from Universities

9 months ago

Eddie Kramer of The Abacus Planning Group comes back on the show.  In part 2 of our conversation Eddie shares his experiences surrounding the hiring process with anecdotes on what his firm is looking for when hiring talented young planners.  He readily turns to his alma mater, Texas Tech University, as one of his go-to […]

9 ELEMENTS you need to review

Your online reputation is often your first impression

E11 | Why Study Groups?

10 months ago

Study groups have been a secret many leading financial planners have used to further their career.  They are one of my faves. There are many types of study groups practicing today.  Some meet every week, some only meet quarterly.  Some have been meeting for decades.  I’ve heard about study groups that started virtually while others […]

E10 | Succession in Texas

10 months ago

Does your firm have a succession plan?  You need one. It’s taken them a decade to hand the reigns from one planner to the next but they’re done (for now). Jason McGarraugh comes on the show to share his story about purchasing his firm from a powerhouse planner with 30 years in the business. Your […]

The SafeHaven™ Data Centers

The Data Centers that protect ComConnect File Sync and CloudFinder users data