E11 | Why Study Groups?

6 months ago

Study groups have been a secret many leading financial planners have used to further their career.  They are one of my faves. There are many types of study groups practicing today.  Some meet every week, some only meet quarterly.  Some have been meeting for decades.  I’ve heard about study groups that started virtually while others […]

Is your data secure?


Dropbox and Google Drive have vulnerabilities you may not know

E10 | Succession in Texas

6 months ago

Does your firm have a succession plan?  You need one. It’s taken them a decade to hand the reigns from one planner to the next but they’re done (for now). Jason McGarraugh comes on the show to share his story about purchasing his firm from a powerhouse planner with 30 years in the business. Your […]

E09 | Kate Holmes takes her practice around the world

7 months ago

Kate Holmes of Belmore Financial loves to travel. She’s traveled to every corner of the globe, and takes her practice with her. This episode shares how Kate manages her practice while she travels around the world with a world wide network of clients.  She is also able to utilize her worldwide network of connections to […]

FINRA 17-a4 Compliance


We can help make it easy

E08 | Using Technology to be a better CFP®

8 months ago

Amy Hubble of Radix Financial uses technology to improve her client relationships.  She uses a system called Trizic.  It helps her gain insight into her client’s finances, prompts her when to investigate rebalancing their portfolio and has a slick interface for her clients. I like it.  Trizic not only helps her learn more about her clients, […]

E07 | Working with the Press (part 2)

8 months ago

Eric (Beyond Your Hammock) comes back on the show to share more strategies and techniques that he uses to maintain his firm’s operations and have his work with the press compliment his work with clients.  Part 2 goes further into his “value first” technique when working with the press. Eric talks about how he works […]

The SafeHaven™ Data Centers

The Data Centers that protect ComConnect File Sync and CloudFinder users data

E06 | Working with the Press (part 1)

9 months ago

Eric Roberge, principal of Beyond Your Hammock, joins the show to share how he got started working with the press and other digital media shows, like this podcast. He shares how he decided on his unconventional firm name and why this name compliments his work with the press and prospects.  His unconventional approach starts the […]