Russell Derrickson

Russell comes to us with over a decade of professional experience including Process Documentation & Implementation, Supervision & Support for clients in IT as well as Security & Identity Management. He is working on dual degrees in Behavioral Anthropology & Political Science and was a former Jack Kent Cooke Scholar. He has written several Anthropological And Sociopolitical papers that have gained national and international recognitions.

He brings a unique blend of in depth technical knowledge and a natural understanding of how people communicate and interact with each other that will provide the perfect “human touch” to our organization.

Russell has experience supporting some of the most prestigious companies in the nation. He has previously provided support through IBM for the United Launch Alliance, Boeing, AE Com and Raytheon as well as creating the initial support documentation and training for Thesys CAT which monitors the SEC and all other U. S. financial market systems. He has also worked with several smaller companies including Otterbox and PAR Technologies to family owned organisations such as Birner Dental. Russell has experience providing all manner of support for any size firm and is here simply to help our clients in any way that he can.

Russell is originally from a small town south of Baltimore, Md and travelled quite a bit as a child. He has lived in several states, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, Delaware and Virginia. He currently lives just outside of beautiful Boulder Co, where he has lived since 2006. He raised a family in Erie, Co and then moved to Louisville, Co where he currently resides.