What is your digital presence?

Your digital presence far more complex than you probably realize.  

In 2017 it is more than just your website and social media profiles.  Google, Facebook, even Four Square  (remember that one?)are involved.  Each has patents, code, big data and customer insights that have a *HUGE* role to play in your digital presence.

These companies are now watching your behavior and work together to get a bigger picture of your life.

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The ways people used to "game the system" that worked in the 90's and 2000's doesn't work anymore.  Now google uses words like "Panda" and "Hummingbird" to speak about their complex algorithms that protect their systems from imposters; but it goes beyond that.  With smart phones in our pockets and people looking to utilize "big data" wherever they can, our digital presences have spiraled into these online companies learning more and more about us and how we tick.  

Facebook's "real" business is now to know what we like, which is phenomenal!!  (and a little scary.)

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Digital Marketing 4FP recognizes that this complexity is more than the average Certified Financial Planner™ needs to bear.  We help CFP® Pros wade through the technobabble and the Fintech landscape to help Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) leverage these new technologies without becoming overwhelmed.  We bring a comprehensive approach that starts with the internet and ends with a pre-qualified prospect on the other side of the desk.

The purpose of our approach is to enable financial planners and RIAs with a proactive approach to sculpting their online presence and managing their online reputation.

Digital Marketing 4FP's approach to your digital presence:

We offer a comprehensive approach to digital marketing that includes:

  • Creating Avatars/Personas so you know who you're attracting, where to find them and the right times to bring up how you can help.
  • Creating a Customer Journey for those avatars, so you plan and choose how a prospect moves from never having heard of you to evaluating your firm, coming on board and even how to encourage them to be a great source for referrals.
  • Content Marketing - This can be blogging, podcasting, webinars and in-print articles.  It is important to know what will work and be sustainable for you and your team and also attract your ideal client.
  • Email Marketing - A prospect's inbox is a very special place.  It's a privilege, not a right to have a prospect read your emails.  Forethought and wisdom are required to keep that prospect's attention and have them excited to see what you have to share when you send out a newsletter, rather than unsubscribing.  
  • SEO Marketing - This process changes constantly.  Today your website can't be stuffed with keywords.  Google, and people using it to search want to see an online presence that reflects your work culture and approach.
  • Marketing Insight Tools - There are a lot of them.  Many are useful, but a ton aren't.  It is easy to spend too much money without improving your firm's bottom line.  Even if you use an informative tool you need to have a plan and system for reviewing, iterating and improving your customer journey by using these insightful marketing and technology platforms.